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Superb Performance

Violet Design microphones offer exceptional performance resulting from meticulous attention to electronic and acoustical design and component selection. We utilize our own unique handmade true electrostatic brass body capsules with 6-micron Mylar diaphragms with sputtered gold coatings. Each capsule is carefully tensioned and tuned to deliver excellent transient response and high SPL handling capability. The internal electronics are Class 'A' fully discrete designs for flat audio response, high output and very low noise and distortion. Most of the designs are transformerless, but where transformers are employed, they are custom-made Permalloy humbucking transformers which handle high levels without saturation.


Violet Design applies old-world craftsmanship with meticulous attention to component selection, capsule tensioning, manufacturing processes, and rigorous testing of individual completed microphones in an anechoic chamber to assure high unit to unit consistency.

Exotic Styling

The physical designs are unique, focusing on minimizing acoustic reflections and resonances which could color the sound, while also providing a tool of beauty, executed with extraordinary fit and finish.

The Violet Design Story - This video documents the history of Violet Design microphones, including the company's background and details of the manufacturing process. We feel this is a valuable tool for familiarizing customers with the brand and illustrating the level of care in workmanship that takes place when Violet Design products are built.

The new JZ electrostatic transducer (capsule) diaphragm (membrane) technology

Combined gold-aluminum membrane coating results in:
 • More transparent and detailed sound
 • Higher signal output - up to 1 dB over all audio response
 • Low frequency response down to 16 Hz
 • High frequency response up to 25 kHz
 • Higher dynamics and SPL

The positive difference will be hearable for everyone.

The new JZ diaphragm technology is patent pending.

Design of our new capsule membrane coating is registered in Office for the Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM).

Latest news about JZ transducer technology: Inconstant diaphragm coating reduces specific distortion coming from membranes's circular resonances. Special alloy material provides lightweight, durable and stable diaphragm coating, resulting in higher SPL, less distortion, wider frequency response, more detailed and natural sound.

Choose Violet!

"[...] the bar was pretty high when I went looking for a new mic for my home rig. I'm now using a Global Pre with the VIN-67 capsule and it kicks ass."

- Steve Earle


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