Artist List

Joe Barresi - Engineer/Producer Joe Barresi

"The Globe Vintage is a great mic! In the past, I used it solely as a mono room in front of a drum kit, but now it has made its way closer to the kick, replacing my normal outside kick mic. The Globe Vintage has lots of gain, great body and fantastic bottom. I also recommended it on bass guitar for a big sound."

Steve Earle - Singer/Songwriter/Activist/Director Steve Earle

"All the vocals on my last album were recorded through a killer U-67 that has been in Electric Lady Studios' collection since they opened their doors in 1970. Needless to say, the bar was pretty high when I went looking for a new mic for my home rig. I'm now using a Global Pre with the VIN-67 capsule and it kicks ass."

John Emrich - Drummer/Percussionist, Producer/Engineer/Sound Designer John Emrich
Drummer/Percussionist, Producer/Engineer/Sound Designer

"It only took me about five minutes to realize that [Violet Design] are exceptional microphones. I was immediately impressed with the detail, sound quality, and affordability. As a sound designer, I look for a true representation of the source that I am recording. Violet Design microphones give me that."

Keith Follese - Artist/Songwriter Keith Follese

"I used the new Violet Global Pre with VIN-26 capsule on new artist Adam Gregory (Midas records) for his entire record. We shot it out against nine other microphones from every price range - nothing else came close. This mic has a sparkling top with a full and true bottom and would be an asset to anyone's collection."

Robert Jason © Robert Jason Productions Robert Jason

"The Violet Flamingo was the mic of choice on a recent session with acclaimed singer/songwriter Greg McDougal. To my ears, it was perhaps the most linear microphone I have ever used."

Ray Kennedy - Artist/Producer/Recording Engineer Ray Kennedy
Artist/Producer/Recording Engineer

"The Violet Global Pre is my top go-to vocal mic. The VIN-67 and VIN-12 capsules emulate my U-67 and C-12 closely, but with a bit more substance than my vintage classics."

Randy Kohrs - Artist/Producer/Engineer Randy Kohrs

"Every once in a while, you find a company that is a cut above the rest, and Violet microphones definitely fit into that category. Their Flamingo vocal mic is one of the most transparent microphones I have ever heard."

Roscoe Mitchell - Composer/Jazz Instrumentalist © Joseph Blough Roscoe Mitchell
Composer/Jazz Instrumentalist

"We did more recording this weekend and I am absolutely amazed at the sound reproduction that comes from the Violet microphones. The Flamingo Stereo has a warm sound overall without sacrificing presence or clarity."

John Paterno - Engineer/Mixer/Producer (Faith Hill, Soul Coughing, Jeffrey Gaines) John Paterno

"Violet microphones -- the Amethysts in particular -- have become my go-to mics on almost everything. They capture the source the way I imagine it."

David Buchanan
Independent Recording Engineer

"We were doing a mic shoot-out on Midas Record's new artist, Adam Gregory. I suggested a few of the standards: vintage M49, U47, C12 and a few modern mics, including Violet Design mics. The Global Pre with Vin-26 head won the battle. It has a full, present sound that keeps Adam's voice from getting lost in the band."

Choose Violet!

"To my ears, [the Flamingo] was perhaps the most linear microphone I have ever used. This mic is a must have for anyone serious about vocal production."

- Robert Jason


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