John Emrich - Drummer/Percussionist, Producer/Engineer/Sound Designer

John Emrich

Drummer/Percussionist, Producer/Engineer/Sound Designer

"It only took me about five minutes to realize that [Violet Design] are exceptional microphones. I was immediately impressed with the detail, sound quality, and affordability. As a sound designer, I look for a true representation of the source that I am recording. Violet Design microphones give me that."

John Emrich grew up in a musical family where he started playing drums and percussion at four years of age. One of his most significant watershed moments was at a clinic hosted by Jazz session great, Bobby Rosengarden. He spoke of the importance of becoming a "total percussionist" and enlightened Emrich to the importance of being able to perform on every percussion instrument as the key to a successful music career.

Emrich has been a professional drummer and percussionist for over 36 years. For twenty of those years, he was a featured performer with The United States Navy Band in Washington D.C. As his skills continually developed and he considered a career as a full time professional musician, he realized electronic instruments and knowledge of professional audio equipment was essential for his advancement. He was never happy with the audio quality of module based electronic drums, so he started producing his own sounds. This eventually lead to his work as a Sound Designer for FXPansion on the BFD2 platform as well as writing for Modern Drummer Magazine and developing electronic percussion instruments with various manufacturers.

In 2009, Emrich will release approximately 90GB of new audio samples that he has worked on for the past year. In addition to new offerings with FXPansion, Modern Drummer will be releasing a new comprehensive collection of snare drum samples that feature Violet Microphones.

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"This mic [Global Pre w/ VIN-26] has a sparkling top with a full and true bottom and would be an asset to anyone's collection."

- Keith Follese
(Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Martina McBride)


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