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Robert Jason

Songwriter/Producer/Composer/Studio Vocalist

"The Violet Flamingo was the mic of choice on a recent session with acclaimed singer/songwriter Greg McDougal. To my ears, it was perhaps the most linear microphone I have ever used. Every syllable, from a near whisper to the strongest passage was reproduced with the truest dynamic. The tube did it's thing unobtrusively. Warmth, without undue coloration. The revelation was the beautiful, natural sounding vocal I got when recording a 12 year old female vocalist. This mic is a must have for anyone serious about vocal production."

Robert Jason is a multi-talented professional songwriter, producer, composer, and studio vocalist. His impressive resume of film and television compositions has earned him recognition as one of the hottest songwriters and producers on the Nashville scene. Robert has worked with a vast selection of artists including Barry White, Reba McEntire, Alabama, and Rod Stewart. Such songs as Jason's "She Ain't Your Ordinary Girl" (Alabama/RCA Records) received considerable notoriety and awards like the BMI Millionaire Award (1 million airplays). It also hit #1 on the Country charts in 1995.

Jason graduated with honors from the University of Miami, Florida, earning degrees in Piano Performance and Music Education. After finishing college, he began to compose and produce jingles for companies such as Coors Light, Euro Disney, McDonalds, Sprint, Coca-Cola, State Farm Insurance, Pontiac, and Penguins Frozen Yogurt (Clio Award Winner). He also composed and produced original songs for feature films and television including "The MTV Movie Awards" main title opening montage (MTV), Out For Justice starring Steven Seagal (Warner Brothers Pictures), Suburban Commando starring Hulk Hogan (New Line Cinema), Best Of The Best II & III with Eric Roberts (New Line Cinema), Hotel (NBC), and Happy Days (ABC). His membership affiliations include the Screen Actors Guild, the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, Local 47 Musicians Union, BMI (writer/publisher), ASCAP (publisher), NSAI, CMA, and the CCMA. Robert has also lent his voice to various TV themes and big budget feature films such as Jurassic Park, Home Alone I & II, Batman II, Terms of Endearment, Heat of the Night, Disney's Hook, Gung Ho, and Garfield and Friends.

Robert Jason has received the NSAI #1 Award, a Quadruple Platinum Record For "Alabama's Greatest Hits" - Featuring "She Ain't Your Ordinary Girl", The John Lennon Songwriting Contest Award (Gospel/Inspirational), Basil Morrotta Honorium - Best Piano Composition (1983), Christian Country Radio #1 (2001) for "Yours" recorded by The Fox Brothers, and the Power Source Christian Country Charts #1 (2001) for "Yours". Robert also received a Gold Record for his R&B song, "I'm On Fire", which was recorded by Barry White.

Jason recently started his own production studio, Robert Jason Productions, where he works with such artists as Ramona Lynn, Lee Hilliard, Russ Murphy, Michael Peterson, and Kathy Joy Bell. Singer-songwriter Mike Hammock speaks of his experience with Jason: "I cannot express enough the professionalism, insight, and downright talent that Robert Jason brings to the studio. As a producer he made my songs better in every way and took them to a level I feel stands up with the best Nashville has to offer. I highly recommend him as producer and/or musician…"

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"I am absolutely amazed at the sound reproduction that comes from the Violet microphones."

- Roscoe Mitchel
Jazz Instrumentalist


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