The Pearl Series

The Pearl Standard The Grand Pearl Pearl Vocal Microphone - Grey Finish

"The Pearl" Series of professional electrostatic microphones are designed for studio vocal recording and now hand-held stage applications, where sound quality and musical character is of the utmost importance. The Pearl Standard uses a medium single-diaphragm transducer, which provides a modern, detailed vocal sound with airy highs, extended vocal presence and optimized low-end response. The Grand Pearl uses a large dual-diaphragm transducer, which provides the warm, classical vocal sound usually associated with vintage vocal studio microphones. The Pearl Vocal is specifically designed to be the ultimate condenser hand-held stage microphone. The newly developed medium-sized single diaphragm capsule provides high acoustic transparency and can handle sound pressure levels up to 144db without overload.

These innovative microphones introduce a new physical design with a rear-ported spherical head and a special narrow tapered form reflector to reduce internal resonances and reflections and optimize the unidirectional cardiod polar pattern.

A soft center band around the circumference of the head minimizes shock and handling noise. Rugged microphone construction and internal shockmounts effectively reduce stand rumble, outside infrasonic interference and mechanical shocks.

The internal phantom powered preamplifierís Class 'A' fully discrete transformerless circuit provides high output, flat audio response and ultra low distortion and noise. The output connectors are gold plated for best possible signal transfer. "The Pearl" is ready for noise-free handheld or stand use. A flexible stand holder is supplied with microphone. FRR is an optional unique reflection ring accessory which is used as a tool to slightly alter directional characteristics and frequency response by positioning at different points along the microphone body.


The Pearl Standard and The Grand Pearl microphones are designed primarily for vocalists, but are also capable of capturing piano, guitars, drums, percussion, strings, wind and many other instruments. The larger diaphragm of The Grand Pearl is specially tuned to provide a deep warm vocal tone ideal for jazz or pop music. These are unidirectional cardioid microphones and should be mounted so that the rear openings behind the capsule are not obstructed. In vocal applications, best results are obtained when the microphone is 1" to 6" away. Microphone overload is not a problem, however, we recommend the use an optional pop filter in the studio for further protection from plosive sounds and breath, pop or wind noise.

The Pearl Vocal has been tuned specifically for a modern, detailed vocal sound with extended vocal presence and optimized low-end response. The newly developed advanced suspension system effectively reduces handling noise to an absolute minimum and the unidirectional cardioid polar pattern has been optimized for maximum side and rear rejection while providing maximum gain before feedback. This is the ideal microphone for live jazz, pop and rock vocalists but also will provide superior sound for brass, woodwinds, percussionists, drummers and in capturing guitar amplifiers.

Frequency Charts:

Pearl Standard Frequency Chart
Grand Pearl Frequency Chart
Pearl Vocal Frequency Chart

The Pearl Series Technical Specifications:

  Pearl Standard Grand Pearl Pearl Vocal
Download the Spec Sheet PDFs Spec Sheet Spec Sheet Spec Sheet
Transducer Type Electrostatic Electrostatic TRUE Polarized Electrostatic, Single Diaphragm
Operating Principle Pressure Gradient Pressure Gradient Pressure Gradient
Diaphragm's Diameter (inch/mm) .5"/14 mm 1"/26 mm 0.8"/21 mm, Center tapped
Polar Pattern Cardioid Cardioid Unidirectional
Output Impedance 50 ohms 50 ohms 50 ohms
Rated Impedance 1000 ohms 1000 ohms 1000 ohms
Suggested Load Impedance > 250 ohms > 250 ohms > 250 ohms
Frequency Range 20 Hz to 20 kHz 20 Hz to 20 kHz TBD
Sensitivity @ 1000 Hz 10 mV/PA 20 mV/PA 12 mV/PA
S/N Ratio CCIR 468-3 Weighted 71 dB 75 dB 70 dB
S/N Ratio DIN/IEC 651 A-weighted 82 dB-A 86 dB-A 80 dB-A
Equivalent Noise Level 12 dB-A 8 dB-A 14 dB-A
Maximum SPL (<0.5% @ 1000 Hz) 140 dB 136 dB 144 dB
Preamplifier's Dynamic Range 128 db 128 db 130 db
Phantom Powering Voltage on XLR Pins 2 & 3 Relatively Pin #1 +48V (±4 V) +48V (±4 V) +48V (±4 V)
Phantom Current Consumption < 2mA < 2mA < 1.5mA
Output Connector XLR-3M XLR-3M XLR-3M, gold plated contacts
Dimensions (inch/mm) 8.15 x 1.67"
207 x 42.5 mm
8.1 x 1.67"
207 x 42.5 mm
8.15 x 1.67"
207 x 42.5 mm
Weight (lbs/grams) 5.5 oz/250 g 7.7 oz/350 g 12.3 oz/350 g
Included Accessories Stand holder, wooden box and a manual Stand holder, wooden box and a manual Stand holder, wooden box and a manual
Optional Accessories PSM Shockmount
GSM Shockmount
FRR Reflection Ring

Additional Product Images:

The Pearl Standard The Grand Pearl The Pearl Vocal - Grey Finish The Pearl Standard, w/ Holder The Grand Pearl, w/ Holder The Pearl Standard, w/ Shockmount The Pearl Vocal - Purple Finish The Pearl Vocal - Red Finish The Pearl Vocal - White Finish

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"[...] the bar was pretty high when I went looking for a new mic for my home rig. I'm now using a Global Pre with the VIN-67 capsule and it kicks ass."

- Steve Earle


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