FDW-Worldwide Introduces New Violet Design Microphone Models

January 2008 - ANAHEIM, CA - FDW-Worldwide is proud to announce two new additions to the Violet Design microphone line. The Pearl Vocal, a live condenser handheld, and The Wedge, a large cardioid condenser studio microphone, are both designed to create a lasting impression on even the most fastidious of audio gurus. Years of design experience and manufacturing research have allowed Violet Design to incorporate the latest technological advances with the highest level of craftsmanship.

The Pearl Vocal is a high-end condenser vocal microphone. It boasts a full audio spectrum with detailed highs, articulated vocal presence, optimized low-end response, and a unidirectional polar pattern that reduces ambient noise and acoustic feedback. Its internal shockmount system, coupled with its sturdy construction greatly reduces external and handling noise. The 21mm single diaphragm, composed of calibrated film, is irregularly sputtered with an exclusive gold alloy formula and accurately tensioned on a specially made backplate. Pearl Vocal's internal electronics are based on a fully discrete, Class 'A' solid state transformerless circuit, and are assembled under the highest of audio standards. A stable connection is always present through a gold-plated XLR output connector.

The Wedge condenser studio microphone has a large dual-diaphragm capsule designed for professional recording at the highest level. It brings a neutral yet detailed sound with transparent highs, near flat low-end response, and a smooth midrange with optimized slight presence bump centered at 3kHz. Its clever wedge shape effectively reduces plosive sounds and other noises such as wind or breath. The Wedge's capsules are made of high-quality, 6-micron Mylar film, while the diaphragm is precisely tensioned and adjusted on backplates and sputtered with Violet Design's exclusive gold alloy mixture. This process allows The Wedge to give a faster impulse transient response without sound coloration or low-frequency reduction, and enables it to handle louder sound pressure levels. Like the Pearl Vocal, The Wedge uses a Class 'A', fully discrete transformerless circuit to create superior quality by significantly reducing undesired noise. It can be used in a wide range of studio applications and is especially effective for recording drums, making it a versatile addition to the Violet Design family.

Violet Design started in Latvia as a vintage microphone restoration company in 1998. One year later, they built their first commercial quality microphone and since then have received numerous awards for quality and craftsmanship. With the incorporation of Pearl Vocal and The Wedge to its diverse microphone line, Violet Design hopes to capture yet another niche in studio and onstage audio applications. Violet Design stands behind its commitment to quality and is dedicated to providing exceptional products for discriminating sound professionals.

Choose Violet!

"The Violet Global Pre with VIN-67 capsule kicks butt on every voice I use it for."

- Ray Kennedy
Artist/Producer/Recording Engineer


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